Dottie grew up in Overland Park, KS.   In school she was always doodling on her papers and her classmates asked her to draw chalk cartoons on the blackboard…..that started her love for art.  She studied basic art at Monticello College in Alton, IL.  Then she raised her family with little time for art. 

When she moved to Joplin, MO in 1985 a friend asked her to take a watercolor class and she has been painting ever since now expanding into acrylics and mixed media.  She is mostly self taught with a lifetime of experience, but takes inspiring workshops to keep her skills sharp.  Dottie’s interests now lie in Acrylic Mixed Media using textural effects which invigorate her feelings toward the pieces she is doing. 

She has studied with Annie Wu, Tanya Lambrecht, Dick Phillips, Donna Lavine, Tom Lynch, George Palovich, and more.   She is a juried member of Arizona Art Alliance and a member of Arizona Watercolor Association, West Valley Arts Council, and Art League West.

She is a teacher of the collage technique, traditional watercolor, and alcohol inks on Yupo paper or tiles.  Her biggest joy is inspiring her students to create.  Sometimes there’s no stopping them once that creativity is released.  She loves that!  To quote one of her students ‘She won’t let you leave the class with anything embarrassing!’ 

Dottie hopes that her work brings pleasure and interest to the viewer; and sometimes a little laughter (when viewing her animals).

She is forever eager to learn and experiment.  She continues studying color theory, value and composition to always improve on success.




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